Organizing Your Kids Artwork {or schoolwork}

Ya’ll know I’m a huge fan of organization. It puts me in a happy place. Everything must have a home. This includes my kids papers, artwork, and schoolwork.

Today, I took the time to re-organize the boys artwork. I previously had them in this milk crate but it wasn’t doing its job in keeping it organized. The papers were starting to fill up the crate and I couldn’t tell what art project belonged to who.

So, I took myself down to the local Walmart {unfortunately it was closer than Target today} and bought two packages of legal size manilla folders. I labeled each folder with each boys name and then the age/year of that folders artwork. If there were more than one folder per age group, I put a number on each folder, {1, 2, 3, etc}.

Voila, there you go. A simple, quick, and organized way to keep your kids work. I keep this in my closet and put their artwork in as they complete it. This way, nothing gets piled up or lost.

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