Twitter Parties 101


There’s lots of talk about Twitter parties. Some know what they are, but others don’t. Curious? Then this post is for you!

What is a Twitter Party?

A twitter party is a fast, fun, virtual party where you can network and get to know others. is the platform used. This is a great way for people to chat and connect over a specific topic or brand.

When Are Twitter Parties?

These parties are usually held in the evenings. Sometimes they might be in the afternoons, but most are in the evenings.

How Does a Twitter Party Work?

Twitter users tweet with a specific hashtag {#} during the event to keep up with the conversation. These parties can move fast, depending on the host. The party host will announce the party hashtag prior to the event so you’re able to follow along once it begins. Users use their Tweet Chat client to tag along. I use or This makes following a party much easier.

Why Should You Attend Twitter Parties?

1. Networking and Connecting with friends {new and old} using a very popular platform.

2. To win great prizes!

3. To learn more about a company, product, or brand.

How Do I Attend a Twitter Party?

1. Sign up for a Twitter account if you don’t already have one.

2. Get used to Twitter – learn your way around the platform and follow some friends/organizations. Send a few tweets yourself and see how your timeline builds up.

3. Find a party you want to attend.

4. Follow the party hosts and hashtags.

5. Decide how you’ll follow the party – as I said before, my favorite way to follow Twitter parties are TweetChat and TweetGrid.

6. Most importantly, have fun!


(Have specific questions? Ask me and I’d love to help you!) 


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