Veggie Tales “Veggies in Space” Twitter Party Announcement

Veggie Tales Twitter Party

It’s time for another fun Twitter party with Veggie Tales! The new “Veggies in Space” DVD releases a week from today and we’re so excited to celebrate with you!

We’ve already viewed the new movie (Veggie Tales sent us a FREE copy to view in exchange for my honest review) and boy, oh boy, are my little guys over the moon with this new DVD. They always ask to watch it and it’s definitely up there with their favorites.

“In a distant corner of the galaxy, Luntar the Looter is menacing passing ships and stealing their power sources. When a dark shadow falls on the sunny, beach-filled planet of Tootanny, the USS Applepies fleet is deployed to put a stop to this space pirate. Captain Cuke (Larry) and first officer, Mr. Spork (Bob) hop in their space-ion wagon posing as undercover Tootany tourists to find Luntar. Along the way, Cuke and Spork discover that the villain is himself a victim, desperately trying to save his planet from solar burst popcorn meteorites. When Luntar s nephew splits his sandwich and juice box with the captured Applepies crew, he presents a simple solution to everyone s problem. Will Captain Cuke invoke the Galactic Law of Finder s Keepers, or will he finally learn that when you have enough to spare, you have enough to share?”

Veggie Tales Veggies in Space

This DVD is going to be a great one for the entire family to sit down and watch with a bowl of popcorn. Perfect for family night! Watch the official trailer:

Here are the official party details:

WHEN: Tuesday, March 11th at 2pm CST

WHERE: {however, I usually use or TweetChat.comto join in on parties. It’s easier to keep up with, as these parties sometimes move fast. Use the hashtag #bobandlarryshare to join in}

WHO: Everyone is invited! I really do hope you’ll join us! Make sure you’re followingMeghanTucker and VeggieTales on Twitter.

PRIZES: No on to the fun stuff! Who is ready to win some awesome prizes? What will we be handing out?

*4 copies of Veggies in Space: The Fennel Frontier DVD (4 lucky winners)

*Major Giveaway: Veggies in Space DVD and 1 copy of A Very Veggie Easter Collection box set.

 New to Twitter parties? Here’s how you can join in - just click here to see how easy and fun it is. I’m so excited to see you there!

Please RSVP to this party by leaving a comment on this post.

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