It’s Been a Quiet Week Around Here {#OneBeautifulThing}

Snow One Beautiful Thing

It’s been a quiet week around here. Why? We got hit with ice and snow this week. We had 4.5 inches of snow and an inch or so of ice. It’s such a treat because this part of Tennessee doesn’t see much snow. We’ve been “snowed in” since Sunday night and have definitely enjoyed the […]

There’s Something About A Wood Burning Fireplace {#OneBeautifulThing}

Front Porch

There’s something about a real wood burning fireplace that is good for the soul. Really good for the soul. Maybe it’s the smell, or the sound of the crackling coming from the fireplace. Whatever it is, it’s great. We do long for Spring to get here. The warmth of the sunshine, the windows open, and […]

She Loves Them Like Her Own and Spoils Them Like an Aunt: It’s One Beautiful Thing


She once lived in Nashville and we saw her all the time, but now she’s a missionary in China. When she comes home it’s a real treat to be with her. My boys adore my sister and think she hung the moon. She spoils them like Aunts do and loves spending one on one time […]

The Importance of “Me Time” As a Parent

Target Cart

  I never knew the importance of having “me time” until my second child arrived.  My husband has always been great about giving me time away from home and the kids. We homeschool our children, so I’m with them quite a bit. Which is a complete blessing. But, there does come a time every now and […]

Home. It’s One Beautiful Thing

Front Porch

  Home: A home is a dwelling-place used as a permanent or semi-permanent residence. I love everything about home. It’s a place where I hear laughter coming from the living room as the boys play a board game, the boys wrestling in the upstairs playroom, quiet moments in the morning while everyone rests for another […]

Life is Better When You Look for Beauty – One Beautiful Thing

One Beautiful Thing

It’s a New Year. Time to start fresh in everything. It’s so easy to fall into the same rut of seeing things in a dreary state of mind. We all are surrounded by beauty. Everywhere we look, there’s beauty – even in the things that may not look beautiful to you at the moment. There’s […]

One Beautiful Thing {week one}

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I’m so excited to see Brooke offering One Beautiful Thing each week. {What an amazing idea!} Though I’m not a professional photographer {or anywhere near}, I still enjoy capturing moments in my life and my family and friends. It allows me to enjoy these moments and for time to “stand still” so to speak. I’ve […]