Nashville Southern Women’s Show: March 27-March 30, 2014

Nashville Southern Women's Show

It’s back! The Southern Women’s Show returns with a staggering list of stars and attractions for 2014. This year’s show will be held at Nashville’s Music City Center, boasting a fabulous new facility with plenty of parking for show-goers. Guests will enjoy fashion, cooking, career information, health and education, hundreds of exhibits, shops and celebrity […]

Favorite Parenting Apps

Secret Eyes Case for iPhone 4S - Pink

It seems like almost everyone has a smart phone these days. We can’t go anywhere without our iPhone or Droid. While that seems a bit ridiculous at times, they do come in handy when trying to get everyday things accomplished. I have some favorite apps. But some of my favorites are Parenting apps. They make […]

Organizing Your Kids Artwork {or schoolwork}


Ya’ll know I’m a huge fan of organization. It puts me in a happy place. Everything must have a home. This includes my kids papers, artwork, and schoolwork. Today, I took the time to re-organize the boys artwork. I previously had them in this milk crate but it wasn’t doing its job in keeping it […]

{principles for} Keeping A Daily Schedule

I love schedules. I love lists. I love checking things off these schedules and lists…it gives me a sense of accomplishment. Many have asked how I get everything accomplished in a normal day. My answer? I stick to my schedule. Though sometimes I have to alter it a bit due to normal everyday life, for […]

The Home Engineer: Your Junk Drawer Or Cabinet

Let’s see it! Yep, you heard me right. I’m challenging you to take a before and after picture of the most unorganized cabinet or drawer. Today, I have a challenge for you. Clean it out and organize it then post an after picture for us to check out. Might be embarrassing but something we all […]

The Home Engineer: Cleaning Products

What cleaning products do you love? Which ones have you tried that you just won’t use again? I stick by a handful of brands that I just love and felt the need to share with you (As pictured above)Woolite Oxy Clean Carpet Clean SprayDisposer Care TabletsClorox WipesLemi-Shine Dishwasher Cleaner (In the Housekeepers Box)Bar Keepers FriendNatures […]