Twitter Parties 101


  There’s lots of talk about Twitter parties. Some know what they are, but others don’t. Curious? Then this post is for you! What is a Twitter Party? A twitter party is a fast, fun, virtual party where you can network and get to know others. is the platform used. This is a great […]

Adding a Watermark to Your Photos {tutorial}

Screen Shot 2012-08-20 at 12.31.38 PM

Ever wondered how people add watermarks to their photos? A lot use Photoshop or another photo editing software to add their watermarks. However, there is an easier way, especially if you don’t have a photo editing software on your computer. I used to use but it has gone bye-bye. Now, I use and […]

iPhone Photography: The Visual Guide

If you’re like me, you have thousands of pictures on your iPhone. Let’s face it, it’s a whole lot easier to take your iPhone with you and use it as a camera than it is to carry around your DSLR. The DSLR might take better pictures you might think…..yes and no. To an extent, yes. […]

Top 10 Apps I’ll Be Using At Blissdom


Blissdom is less than two weeks again and I’m getting so excited. I cannot wait to be in an atmosphere where friends, social media, and bloggers come together for 3 full days {yes, my heart is palpitating just thinking of it} I’m getting all my geeky devices ready {aka my laptop, iPhone, iPad} and have […]

Adding A Watermark To Your Photos {tutorial}

Love sharing photos on your blog, Facebook, or Twitter and don’t want to run the risk of someone “stealing” your images? Then create a watermark on them in just ______ easy steps using Picnik. What is Picnik? Picnik is FREE {although a premium version is available} editing tool that is so easy to use and […]

Creating a Custom Facebook Username {tutorial}

Screen shot 2011-08-22 at 3.10.24 PM

Do you have an ugly Facebook page that the address looks something like this? It’s time to clean it up! 1. Sign in to Facebook. 2. Then go to 3. Click “Set a username for your page” then click on the dropdown menu for “Page Name” and select which page you want to […]