Adding a Watermark to Your Photos {tutorial}

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Ever wondered how people add watermarks to their photos? A lot use Photoshop or another photo editing software to add their watermarks. However, there is an easier way, especially if you don’t have a photo editing software on your computer. I used to use but it has gone bye-bye. Now, I use and […]

iPhone Photography: The Visual Guide

If you’re like me, you have thousands of pictures on your iPhone. Let’s face it, it’s a whole lot easier to take your iPhone with you and use it as a camera than it is to carry around your DSLR. The DSLR might take better pictures you might think…..yes and no. To an extent, yes. […]

Adding A Watermark To Your Photos {tutorial}

Love sharing photos on your blog, Facebook, or Twitter and don’t want to run the risk of someone “stealing” your images? Then create a watermark on them in just ______ easy steps using Picnik. What is Picnik? Picnik is FREE {although a premium version is available} editing tool that is so easy to use and […]